Sunday, October 14, 2012

Compile with Notepad++ (Any language)

Sometimes you wish you had a compiler with Notepad++, so you don't have to start another program just to see the results of your work. Well, there is a solution to this too.
You probably have noticed that Notepad++ comes with few plugins included since the installation. One of them is called NppExec.

NppExec menu

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Thursday, October 4, 2012 Facebook virus

Few days ago you may have received a suspicious link from someone you know on Facebook. It usually looked like ffg

or a variation of that. This is an old Facebook virus, but someone modified the code so it was undetectable with anti-viruses few days ago. Of course, it's detected as a worm now.

First thing I did, I downloaded the file and opened it in a sandbox. It was a zip file, named I unpacked it, and found an exe disguised in a .scr extension file. That stands for the ScreenSaver file format. I opened the file, and first thing it did was, it disappeared from the desktop. I believe it either attached to some process or it created new exe file and executed it.
Anyway, I noticed my laptop started showing the "Working" cursor. I knew the virus was working on something, so I turned off the Internet. After some examination, I found a new process, which was very similar to the ones Windows is using. 
Microsoft Security Essentials didn't detect the virus at first, but few hours after the infestation it did.

I managed to clean my computer by installing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and MSE as antivirus. Make sure you have the latest updates for each of them, and run a full scan after that.

NOTE: The virus might kill your MSE process and you'll have to download another antivirus for that time. My friend downloaded Kaspersky Free Virus scan, and it did the job for him.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

League of Legends Auto Login


This is a software I created for automatic login to the League of Legends servers.

(Dropbox link)

Works with latest League of Legends update (3.6.13 patch)


Version 1.9.0
*Added slider option for adding offset to the cursor in the username/password text fields

Version 1.8.0
*Fixed special character bug when you use it in the password field (Thanks YvesW)

Version 1.7.0
*Improved the logging system
*Finally fixed a bug when it crashes when you click the Login button (Thanks YvesW)

Version 1.6.1
*Implemented Logging system. 
Now, if you have any trouble logging with the program, please include the "autologin.log" file when sending a mail. You may upload it to any filehosting service (Rapidshare, Megaupload, Dropbox...)

Version 1.6
*Since Riot have different filters for Registration and Change Password fields, I had to remove the validation on the username and password boxes when creating users. (Thanks Ghost D Nappa)

Version 1.5
*Fixed a bug where the mouse would check for text box, if the option to resize the LoL window was checked.

This application is written in C# WPF, using .NET version 4 framework. That means it needs some prerequisites before it can function properly.
  • .NET 4 Framework (You probably have it, but in case you don't)
  • Administrator privileges (only if it throws an error while launching)
*To set LOL AutoLogin always runs as Administrator, right click on the icon, go to Properties, go to the Security tab, and check "Run this program as Administrator".

(Do this only if the file throws an error while launching.)

Here is a VirusTotal scan, 0/43 found.
This isn't a keylogger nor a file sender. It's just a lazy helper program. If it was a virus, the results above would be positive.

The file with the users is stored on your computer and it's encrypted. That means nobody can get it and find out what's in the file.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Add tabs to Windows Explorer

We are so much used to Internet browsing and using tabs, that we sometimes want to browse through the computer like we browse the Internet.
There is a solution to that too. It's called QTTabBar.
QTTabBar is a plugin which adds the tab functionality to Windows Explorer.

This is particularly useful when you have to open few windows and do some file management. This way, you can quickly switch to the tab and do your work quickly.
QTTabBar is VERY customizable. It has a lot of options which may make your browsing more natural and faster.
For example, these are the options I've set for the tabs.

So, if you like this functionality, support the developer, donate if possible. The download link is above the images.


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