Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tip #1 - Check your mail(s) instantly (Windows 8)

Keep your Metro mail application open in background all the time. That way, you'll get toast notifications when you get a mail, and you can instantly check your mail with only one click in the top left corner.
To go back to what you have been doing previously, just click the top left corner again.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Create custom tiles for Windows 8 Metro Screen (Start menu) - OblyTile

You too started finding ugly the icons in the Metro menu which come when you install new application? Well don't worry anymore - OblyTile is the solution to this problem.

Screenshot from the app
With OblyTile you can make beautiful Metro tiles which will fit your Metro theme nicely. You just link a shortcut with an image which is 300x300 in size, and you got yourself a beautiful looking tile.

This is my unfinished Metro screen, and I like it how it looks so far.

(Click to make the image bigger)
I'm planning to finish all the icons first, and release a package with all the tile pictures.

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