Friday, August 10, 2012

Best Chrome extensions

Chrome is the world's most used browser with 32.76% usage share of web browsers. It's popularity is owed to the fast response time, low memory usage, very nice extension integration, and the fact that it's made by Google.
I'll be talking about the best extensions for Google Chrome in my opinion, and how can they affect your browsing experience.

This one is my favorite, because makes the pages load a lot faster without the unnecessary ads which clutter the viewing space.

Especially good for learning from videos, cause it helps you focus on the video, and not on the comments or related videos.

Adds a colored circle icon to every URL which represents the trustworthiness of that site. Really useful if you are using online shop, or downloading a file.

Now you don't have to open an image link just to see the full sized image. Put your cursor over the picture and it will appear in it's full dimension.
There are quick options like:

  • Save image: (S)
  • Open in new tab (Shift+T)
  • Hide the image (X)

Really useful if you are browsing forum thread with many pages. It makes endless scrolling in the thread, and lets you read the whole thread without clicking the 'next' button. It also supports Google Search.
(It also has a lot of unnecessary options, and I recommend you to turn them off. Tools-> Extensions -> Fastest Chrome Options)


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